9 Nights
Southern Sipora
2 Persons, 3 Persons, 4 Persons, 5 Persons, 6 Persons, 7 Persons, 8 Persons
Group Sizes
0 Days
Standby Speedboat

The front yard of Losmen Ombak is nothing more than the barrelling machine like shallow reef break, the worldwide known Hollow Trees, or Lance’s Right, also known as the surgeon table. On the other side of the island it’s sister Lance’s left, 20 minutes by bike on a very bumpy trail.

Losmen Ombak is located at the extreme south of Sipora Island, where time has stopped forever. Next to the village of Katiet, standing next to a postcard like beach. This camp guarantees endless relaxing moments, observing the waves from the enclosed garden.

The Rooms

The Cottage: There are four bungalows with en suite bathroom and one double bed with mosquito net and fan. The bungalows have their own balcony looking at the beach as well.

Long House:There are six private rooms with en suite bathroom and two single beds with mosquito nets and a fan. Each room has its own balcony looking at the beach.


Wave information

Surfspot Reachability
By Foot/Paddle Speedboat Near (15-20min) Speedboat Far (30-45min)
Bintangs   Green Hook  
Greenbush     Green Hook
Lance’s Left   Green Hook  
Lance’s Right Green Hook Green Hook  
Macaronis     Green Hook
Thunders     Green Hook


Surfspot Level of Surfing
Beginners Intermediate Experienced Advanced
Bintangs Green Hook
Greenbush Green Hook
Lance’s Left Green Hook
Lances Right Green Hook
Macaronis Green Hook
Thunders Green Hook

Itinerary for 9 nights (10 days)


Day 1

  • Arrival in Padang
  • Transfer from the airport to the accommodation in Padang
  • Meeting with our representative which will give you all relevant information for the trip as well as payment of remaining booking fee

Day 2

  • Transfer from the accommodation to the harbour
  • Transfer with the fast ferry Padang to Sipora Island
  • Transfer from Sipora Island to the surf camp
  • You will be surfing in the afternoon

Days 3-8

  • Eat, sleep, surf as many times as you want (via paddling, or by scooter)
  • Chill, go fishing, swimming or whatever you desire

Day 9

  • Early morning surf
  • Transfer with the speedboat from the camp to the harbour on Sipora Island
  • Transfer from Sipora Island to Padang via fast ferry
  • Transfer from Padang harbour to accommodation

Day 10

  • Transfer from accommodation in Padang to the airport
  • Departure from Padang airport


To book this Camp with this itinerary or another, please use this booking form.


Willing to Stay Less or Longer Than 9 Nights?

Not a problem. You may stay 7, 11, 12, 13, 14, or more nights. The above itinerary only varies from day 3. The first 2 and the last 2 days always stay the same.


Arrival & Departure Days by Trip Duration

Trip Duration Arrival in Padang Fast Ferry Departure Padang Fast Ferry Departure Mentawais Departure Padang
7 Nights Tuesdays
9 Nights Sundays
11 Nights Sundays Mondays Wednesdays Thursdays
13 Nights Sundays Mondays Fridays Saturdays
14 Nights Tuesdays


FAQs: How can I match my arrival in Padang with my departure to the Mentawai Islands?

9 Nights Package (7 Nights at the Surf Camp)

Not included: 2 nights accomodation in Padang, see details below

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Group Size Price per night per person (USD) Total amount to be paid in USD
Regular Price -10% Discount
Group of 2 $68 $1.220 $1.098
Group of 3 $58 $1.563 $1.407
Group of 4 $53 $1.907 $1.716
Group of 5 $51 $2.283 $2.055
Group of 6 $48 $2.575 $2.317
Group of 7 $47 $2.950 $2.655
Group of 8 $45 $3.241 $2.917


Payments (deposit & remaining fee on arrival)

Group Sizes 20 % Non-Refundable Deposit* Remaining amount to be paid on arrival
Group of 2 $220 $878
Group of 3 $281 $1.126
Group of 4 $343 $1.373
Group of 5 $411 $1.644
Group of 6 $463 $1.854
Group of 7 $531 $2.124
Group of 8 $584 $2.344

* Pay by Paypal or Creditcard (+5% extra fee)


What is Included
  • Accommodation at the surf camp
  • Surf at Lance’s Right
  • There is no need for daily standby speedboat
  • You may fancy renting a motorbike to go surf Lance’s Left
  • Day of arrival = only afternoon session & day of departure = only early morning session
  • If you intend to go for a 3 days/2 nights to Macaronis, please let us know
  • 3 meals a day, mineral water, coffee, tea
  • Airport Pick up & Drop off
  • Harbor drop off & pick up
  • Mentawai ferry tickets (go & return)
  • Speedboat transfer to the surf camp and return


What is Not Included
  • 2 nights accommodation in Padang, from 100.000 IDR per person per night
  • Travel insurance is not mandatory but recommended
  • Mentawai Surfing Fee, 1.000.000 IDR
  • Surfboard bags are charged on the Mentawai ferry, from 460.000 IDR (go & return
  • Rent a scooter (100.000 IDR per day)
  • Any drinks & any extra meals at the camp e.g. beer can is 35.000 IDR, fruit juice is 20.000 IDR
  • Laundry service, from 50.000 IDR
  • Photos taken by the surf camp e.g. photographer, may be discussed with the camp manager
  • Wi-Fi connection, fares to be discussed with the camp manager, payment by cash IDR


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Accommodation in Padang

Please let us know your budget for the accommodation in Padang and we let you know which accommodation suits your requirements.

Our partners Brigitte’s House & New House Padang offer reasonably priced accommodation.

Room Rates:

  • Dorms, from 100.000 IDR to 125.000 IDR (Price per person per night)
  • Twin rooms, from 200.000 IDR to 250.000 IDR (Price per room per night)
  • Double rooms, from 250.000 IDR to 350.000 IDR (Price per room per night)


  • free Wi-Fi
  • Breakfast

Payment on arrival accepted by credit card or by cash IDR/USD/EUR/AUD

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 1 review
6th April 2017

Losman Ombak, Katiet Sumatera Barat, what else to say than has already been said? I travel to various places but always come back to Katiet and losmen ombak is here that I feel happy is here that I find myself. Losmen ombak Katiet the real paradise on Earth!!!

Thanks to the people of Katiet , and also to the staff of Losmen Ombak a big hug and see you soon


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