Choose Your Camp

  • Browse the website, get to know the waves and where our surf camps are located, most of the questions that come to your mind may have already been answered in the FAQ’s page.
  • Identify which are the waves you are able to surf, which kind of surf camp atmosphere you are more likely to enjoy, finally match your budget with our surf camps offers.


Booking Process

  1. The fares for each surf camp are for 9 nights (10 days) since the 9nights trip is preferred by most people who go to the Mentawais.
  2. Willing to stay less or longer than 9 nights? Not a problem, we set fares as well for 7, 11, 12, 13, or 14 nights.
  3. Matching your flights (arrival in Padang) with the ferry schedules to Mentawai is crucial from an organisational standpoint.
  4. So pay particular attention to the Itinerary tab called “Arrival & Departure days by trip duration” to choose your day of arrival in Padang.
  5. Ready to book the Surf Camp of your liking, with the 9 nights itinerary or another? Please fill our booking form and submit.
  6. Let us know which surf camp you chose, the duration of your stay, the group size and especially your expected date of arrival in Padang.


Pay A Deposit

  1. Prices for less or more than 9 nights of course vary, but this will be communicated to you after you have sent the enquiry booking form.
  2. You agree about the fares, we are now asking you to pay a deposit through our payment system (PayPal/credit cards accepted).
  3. This deposit does not vary in function of the duration of the itinerary you chose (20% of the total amount for 9 nights is used as reference).
  4. This deposit only varies in function of the group size and is non-refundable.
  5. Proceed to the payment of the deposit by clicking on the button “Pay the Deposit” located on the right hand side of the surf camp you chose.
  6. We hold your booking for 15 days after you sent your booking form till we received confirmation that you paid the deposit.
  7. You will then receive your booking confirmation as well as an invoice stating additional details such as the remaining amount to be paid on arrival.
  8. For further information regarding remaining payments on arrival or extensions please refer to FAQ’s or feel free to contact us via email – booking@magicmentawais.com.

Thanks a lot and Happy Booking!