Arrivals & Departure

Matching your flights (arrival in Padang) with your the ferry times is crucial from an organisational standpoint but also so you do not have to (unless you wish to) spent several days in Padang.

Each camp has an ‘Itinerary’ tab on which we have designated on which days, based on your trip duration (7, 9, 11, 12, 13 & 14 nights), you should arrive in Padang to catch the ferry the following morning.

  • Air Asia does charge an extra fee for Surfboards. When booking your flight with Air Asia you will need to add some sort of ‘Sports Luggage’ – if you do not do this before you check in at the airport on the day of the flight it will be more expensive. More info here.
  • Lion Air has a 15 kg Sports Luggage Allowance, which means if you not exceed the 15kg of your sports luggage it’s free. More info here.

The above info was last updated on 7.01. 2017. We will try to keep this information updated, and we also do not believe that, since all above 3 Airlines as per late, all carry Surfboards for free, they will not at any time soon revert to charging fees. However, please check the links above just to be sure.

The easiest way to reach Padang Minangkabau International Airport is from Kuala Lumpur (Air Asia – ca. 1h) or from Jakarta Soekarno Hatta International Airport (Lion Air or Garuda – ca. 1.5h).

Money, Cash & ATMs

ATMs in Padang do accept VISA, Mastercard as well as Meastro.

There are a few places in Padang where you can change Money.

They may only accept $US, EUR & $AUS, our Partners in Padang Brigitte’s House & New House Padang can drop you there or you can simply change your money there.  

There are no ATMs in the Mentawai Islands that accept foreign Bank Cards.

You will have to withdraw all the necessary money before you depart to the Mentawai Islands.


Total to be paid by the group on arrival is: Total Amount to be paid by the group minus the corresponding Fixed Deposit. That amount will have to be paid by either credit card or in cash in IDR, EUR, $USD or in $AUD.

The remaining amount will need to be paid to our partners in Padang, either Brigitte’s House or New House Padang. These guys have been in the business for the last five years, they will then inform the Surf Camp you paid the remaining amount.

We offer all included fares except 2 nights accommodation in Padang and any additional personal expenses that you can find listed on the details section (What is not included) in each camp, a minimum total of 1.800.000 IDR if you go to Southern Siberut (Playgrounds) and 1.660.000 IDR if you go to Northern/Southern Sipora (Telescopes/Lance’s Right).

We understand that you may not have a printer handy when you’re traveling so it is not necessary to have a printed copy. However, we require that you show ID matching your reservation and also the Order # that is immediately emailed to you after you make your reservation.


We recommend to book refundable plane tickets and/or purchase Insurance which covers “Missed Flight Connections” as traveling to the Mentawai Archipelago from Padang and back requires Ferry rides which depend on the navigation conditions. So sometimes, but very rarely this can be subject to departure delays.

We also recommend a look at INDO SURF TRAVEL INSURANCE run by the author of the “Indo Surf & Lingo” guidebook.

Australian surfers check:

Non-Australians check the World Nomads Explorer insurance recommended among others by Lonely Planet:

Generally it is to be said, that there are various regions in Sumatra/ The Mentawais, where Malaria can occur. However; in recent years there were no incidents with surfers or tourist who have visited Sumatra/Mentawais. If you have concerns, please refer to your local General Practitioner for further information.

  • Suncream high protection 50, surftops & after sun hydration cream.
  • Sunglasses & flip flops
  • Mosquitos repellants
  • Long light trousers and long sleeves light shirts
  • Light rain coat, jumper (cool nights) & pairs of shoes
  • Water proof bag
  • Cameras, cellphones & laptops can be brought if you wish
  • Antibacterial shower gel
  • Desinfection products, water proof plasters & tapes
  • Antibiotics (Amoxyciline) & vitamins
  • Pair of booties (important), additional leash and fins, some repairing glue
  • Bring two surf boards, it’s better 😉

Reservation & Cancellation

You will understand that we will  need to plan so that all clients of ours are satisfied and everything is running smooth. Hence if you cancel the trip within three weeks before the start of the trip (Day 1), your fixed deposit will not be refunded.

If you wish to cancel your reservation before three weeks before the start of the trip (Day 1), please simply send us an email to and we will then refund the money into your designated bank account or into your PayPal account.

Yes you can, but it has to be arranged and discussed with the camp owner/manager and paid to our partners (Brigitte’s House/New House Padang) once back in Padang. 

When you arrive in Padang, and for whatever reason, you would like to have the option to extend, please mention this to the representative.

If you cancel within three weeks before the start of your trip (Day 1), your deposit will not be refunded. If you cancel until three weeks before the start of your trip (Day 1), your deposit (minus 5% PayPal fee) will be refunded.

Surf Equipment

There is only one surf shop in Padang which sells chilli brand surfboard and all basic surfing equipment, be aware prices are western prices! There are no surf shops in the Mentawais.

In case of any dings, locals will manage the situation, wherever you are (Playgrounds, Telescopes, Lance’s Right). There is one shaper in Padang who can fix any snapped boards in two days time.

The Surf Camps

Only the most expensive places provide Wifi, be aware the connection will not run that fast and maybe sold per hour; except in Northern Sipora (Telescopes) there is no real consistent Phone Reception, be ready to be disconnected from the real world.

Yes, all the Surf Camps have electricity. The low budget camps will provide electricity from dusk until everybody goes to sleep and some will provide electricity till dawn allowing the fans to refresh you at night.

The pricier camps will cut electricity all day long till dusk. The most expensive camps will keep electricity 24 hours.

All the Surf Camps offer three meals a day but if you wish to eat more than what is provided then please feel free to bring your own food. If this is food which need to be cooled or prepared in the kitchen you will have to give a little tip (small amount of money) to the chef.

Yes as long as you lock your door when you are away. Some of the most expensive places have a safe.

All packages includes 3 meals a day. The pricier camps serve pancakes for breakfast and the high standard places additional fruits, maybe muesli, toasts & eggs. Generally for lunch, the traditional nasi goreng & mie goreng with chicken & eggs. A large variety of dinners is served in high standard place apart from rice, veggies, chicken & fish usually served in the pricier camp. Whenever you want you can drink mineral water, coffee, tea in any of the camps.

In case you wish to bring some food yourself, this is not a problem. You can go shopping in Padang and take it with you. In case you have some special food requirements due to allergies etc., please let us know in advance and we will see how we help you.


  1. The 30 day Visa is free. However will not be able to extend it. You will have to fly out and come back in in case the wish arises for you later.
  2. The Visa on Arrival (VOA) is the easiest and best option for you in case you could possibly extend. Before you go through customs after you arrived in Indonesia you will have to pay $35 US for the Visa on Arrival. This visa gives you a 30 day stay in Indo with the option to extend.
  • You can extend your VOA any migration office in Indo. Make sure you visit the migration office about 5-7 before because it will take 2-3 days to process the visa.



More info here.

The Visa costs you $35 US – Only when you opt to extend after 30 days expire. The free 30 day Visa does not have the option to extend it.